I made this program for you.

The woman who knows she's made for more

Not just a conscious “I want more” 

But the inner knowing of “I’m made for it”


If you're working so hard and things aren't working - it’s not because you need to do more, learn more or be better.

It’s that it’s time to align with who YOU authentically are.

And that comes through calibration, deconditioning, and activating and integrating.

It's becoming a reflection of your work, so you don’t need to work so hard on the strategy, you get to be a magnet, as you activate your feminine power + heal your inner parts.

Life unfolds for you.

It’s about your magnetism, you fully owning and BEING the Goddess, the embodied coach and creator you desire to be. 

And on the way to that dismantling everything that is getting in the way of that and being supported while doing it. 


Stepping into this program is going to activate you and set your soul on fire - as it calls you into a whole new level.
Because coaching is more than just what we know, it’s who we be.

You have a business & you've created results but now it feels more like a force to create than it is a flow, something feels out of alignment but you can’t seem to pinpoint what it is

Your emotional ‘off days’ dictate how you show up or if you show up at all. You get in your head when you feel an uncomfortable emotion or resistance & try to figure out the ‘why’ behind it so you can fix the feeling & move on - but it doesn’t work. 

You know how powerful your thoughts are, but despite the conscious thought work you have done and have awareness of - you know there’s something deeper that you haven’t been able to breakthrough

You attach your worth and value to your clients results, your levels of creativity, your income or business success and your ability to be ON.

You've experienced money, coach or client trauma in the past, that you have just tried to ‘get over’ but you still feel the same triggers in your body and the resistance gets in the way of you showing up as the fully embodied boss you desire to be.

You can get overwhelmed with your to-do list & things you need to do to make progress, have a hard time setting boundaries without guilt or worry that your business won’t be able to run when you rest. You’ve probably burned out (one or two times?)

You look up to other women in the coaching industry but sometimes feel so far behind where you want to be, that you can’t help but compare yourself to her success.

You recognize your business is strategy + mindset + energy - but when your energy isn't aligned you judge yourself for it 

Your energetic polarities are out of balance:
Feminine:  too flowy, resistance to structure, lack of motivation or aligned action, low self worth, codependency
Masculine: Hustle mindset, on the verge of burnout, disconnected with your body, resistance to relaxing, always in your head or taking action, need for control

You get anxiety when you think about getting onto sales calls or putting yourself out there because what if you get a no? What if people don’t join? What happens if you put in all the work without the result?
All of your rejection wounds & fears begin to surface & that part of you wants to hide or avoid confrontation so you hold yourself back

You are great at holding it together and keeping it strong in front of everyone, but when you're with yourself, the self doubt & feelings of uncertainty slip in but then you worry that being in a low vibe state will fuck up what you want, so you try to push away the negative thoughts

In your mind, you KNOW what you should be doing but when you don't do the thing, it turns into shame, a spiral, leading to stress, avoidance, doubt, more comparison

You KNOW in your soul that you are here for a mission and a powerful purpose but sometimes your mind gets in the way of you embodying that. Which is why you are here right now. 


This program goes so much deeper than just the teachings that I’m dedicated to sharing with you. 

It’s an energetic upgrade for your soul to be initiated into a whole new level.

You’ll be calibrating with every single wisdom code I’ve activated throughout my lifetime, business journey, coaching experiences and aligning with it to embody it in your own unique and authentic expression. 

It’s an activation of YOUR power, alongside the mindset, strategy and knowledge you’ll be gaining through each workshop.

But most importantly, It’s the initiation into your ascension. 

I know you’re conscious.
I know you have self awareness. I know you KNOW the things.

But this work goes deeper than knowing. 

Its not just about how much you know, it’s about lovingly accepting who you are and serving from that place. 

“ Being a coach allows you the gift to be paid to become the best version of you as you guide others to do it with you ”


A safe supportive space for you to do the work and learn how to better hold space for others. So you can allow yourself to let go of the weight you carry, to feel held and supported in being all of you, so that you can go back to serve from loving overflow.

More space, play, pleasure and enjoyment in your life + business. So it stops feeling like a hustle where you need to get ‘there’ and you can fully enjoy being here with the knowing in your heart you are on your path of alignment. 

Grounded in your emotional intelligence. You'll be anchored in and able to stay calm and centred as you rise into new levels and continue to show up - regardless of what life throws at you.

Feeling confident in your coaching methodology in a way that actually serves your people, rather than you adopting to who you think you need to be in order to be successful.


Activated into a whole new level of authentic self expression. That allows you to fully love and accept all parts of who you are so you stop second guessing yourself and start showing up as all of you while moving beyond the fears of being seen / rejected.


New energetic coding around receiving, and abundance.  You’ll have the mental + body based breakthroughs to break through your upper limit when it comes to love and money.


The balance and the energy to do the things you desire to do, without burnout & stress. To feel safe in your body and call upon your masculine + feminine polarities as you need them, while also healing the wounds related to each energy.

The tools and experience needed to elevate your coaching practice and facilitate deeper and more powerful transformation with yourself and your clients.An anchored sense of safety and self-trust in your own being and in your own body which creates more space for you to receive more, express more, share more and to feel really embodied and empowered while doing it


An anchored sense of safety and self-trust in your own being and in your own body which creates more space for you to receive more, express more, share more and to feel really embodied and empowered while doing it


This is your path to an aligned business and brand that reflects you and your evolution


So you have a business that isn’t bound by walls and boxes that feel out of alignment.  


So you are able to fully BE, express and share all of you - beyond just behind the scenes. 


You feel anchored into your sense of self and your business will reflect that.

And this is how we will do it: 

  • 12 weeks of energetic upgrades
  • Weekly 2 hour workshops that are educational + experiential (teachings on concepts and then integrating them) 
  • 1:1 Voxer Support
  • Kajabi portal with all workshop recordings and assignments 
  • Weekly soulplay for integration of the work 
  • Worksheets, slideshows and meditations specifically created for CCA 
  • Embodiment practices, breathwork and energy work
  • A powerful, aligned community with other female coaches doing the work
  • A safe supportive space to be all of you as you expand into more

A love letter to you, 

The woman who knows she's made for more. 

Not even on a deep down level, but the knowing of "I’m made for this” 

By now you've witnessed your impact, you’ve got the business, you've had clients, but it still feels like something is missing, from you embodying the purpose you know you're here for.

You feel the pull to a new level of ready, to activate in your mission in a bigger way and to trust in yourself to lead an even greater level of transformation. 

But you know you can’t do it alone.

You recognize that your energy expands when you choose to dedicate yourself to something bigger than your current reality 

When you choose to leave behind the stories, doubts and fears that have been getting in the way of you doing the thing you know you need + desire to do - is when the world around you expands too. 

Trusting that when you grow, your business grows.

This is inevitable my love.


Hi my love,

My name is Taylor!

If you’re here and you’re new to my space, welcome.

If you’ve been walking this path with me for a while, I am so honoured that you are here with me. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur, life coach and mentor since 2018. I currently identify as a holistic life coach, trauma informed breathwork facilitator and intuitive business mentor. 

But my soul has been kickin around for millenia, I love breaking rules and climbing out of limitations. 

When I started coaching I was in the fitness industry. I had also just gone through one of the biggest moments of my life, leaving a 4 year relationship, moving out on my own for the first time, I decided to dive head first into my healing. So as I was helping myself, I started helping others.

Coaching came easy to me. I was able to witness that my clients were not only transforming physically, but even more: their mindset, emotional intelligence, relationships, and their relationship with themselves had improved exponentially. It cracked me open to even more possibility. 

I had NO idea life coaching was even a thing, until I came across a podcast titled “should you be a life coach?” 

So I listened. 

Every question posed was a full body fuck yes.

Tears, tingles, shivers up my spine. 

It was like my soul was speaking through me. 

But HOW?! *here comes my ego*  

I didn’t know how.  But i started with the one step.

I read all the books, the podcasts, went to every free workshop and webinar, took courses, certifications, masterminds, hired coaches. I invested thousands. 

I became a sponge for knowledge. 


My first year of business was HARD.

I quit my job, lost my apartment, moved back home, went through heartbreak, barely made any money, couldn’t afford my bills, slept on an air mattress, wanted to quit, questioned myself and my purpose. 


I felt like a mess, but a mess with purpose.
And I had been able to replace my income from my job and then move into my dream apartment. 

But then 2020 came around.


I still had a vision.

“I’m going to make $100k this year” 

*me making $2k a month, only having ever made $34k before* + 2020  

My big impossible goal. 

That felt so possible at the same time. 

I was questioning:
Do I hire another business coach? Take another certification? Another program? 


And then it came to me.

What I needed next…  

I needed someone to help me integrate what I knew and calibrate to what they were able to do. I knew I could try to do it on my own, but it would be much harder, and take much longer. 

I had met my upper limit and I kept meeting the same resistance, same fears and same blocks. 

So I said yes to my first ever big investments.

I felt horrified, but faithful. 


The reason why I chose it? 

Because of how much saying yes expanded me, and scared me. 
I didn't even have the money and I took out a loan to make the first payment. 

My thought was “if she feels confident to ask this much, I’m choosing to believe in myself to do it.” 



The next month, I had my first $10k month. 

The program hadn’t even started, but because I showed my body I was committed to something bigger than what I knew, I had a ‘burn the boats take the island’ type of moment. 


End of 2020, I had my $100k year.
I had failures, lessons, problems and circumstances that kept giving me excuses and reasons to give up. 


But I share this with you because your DECISION is the declaration, and I want to show you not only what is possible for you, but how much easier it gets to be when you feel fully supported, believed in, guided and held to anchor into alignment. 

The moment you decide you’re worth more, is the moment you follow with stepping into more and showing yourself you are made of more. 


And I know that’s why you’re reading this.