"Working with Taylor has been like the cherry on top. 2020 was the year of growth & expansion for myself. I had invested in a few different coaches & had made the bold move to invest in Taylor for business growth. Or should I say invest in myself & it was an amazing journey. I’m so thankful I said yes that day when I did. She provided the frame work I needed for me to launch my business. I released a lot of stuck energy & emotions during our breath-work  sessions together. Those were incredibly powerful for me. I highly recommend choosing her as your business coach or else all things spiritual & expansion. She will knock your socks off. She brings so much light & love into the sessions. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for her as my business coach. I know with her expertise she helped me propel myself in the direction I always wanted to go. Extremely thankful for her & her coaching. One major thing I took away from our sessions was that it gets to be EASY! 😍🤍 I now have 6 clients total plus 3 people interested! its amazing the possibilities"
- Chelsie  


I was first drawn to Taylor just by her energy and the content she posted. Everything felt so relatable, as though she was speaking specifically to me. We started chatting out of nowhere, and finding out that we had similar past stories made me feel like it was no coincidence that we connected.

From the very first conversation, Taylor has just had this way of posing exactly the question I need to be asked, or saying exactly what I needed to hear. Every session we had felt like a conversation with one of my closest friends, we spent the whole time laughing and I always ended our sessions feeling clear on my goals and motivated to achieve them. In the time we worked together, we made so many breakthroughs and I was able to get my coaching business up and running and sign my first three clients, which was the main goal we set in our first session.

I am honestly so grateful that Taylor showed up in my life when she did. I feel like the universe helped me find her when I needed her most, and the way she cheered me on harder than most people I had known for years is something that I will remember forever. Taylor taught me to trust myself above all, take risks without fear, and embrace what an abundant and powerful being I have always been. Thanks for changing my life, Tay, you’re a gift and I appreciate you!

- Natasha 

"When I first started working with Taylor i remember how disconnected i was with my body. I remember sitting there during our first video call and her asking me where i saw myself in 3 months and thinking “anywhere but where i am now”.
In the beginning i wanted physical change. I wanted to grow muscle but also not put on any fat in the process.
Taylor was there for me in so many ways along my journey. She helped me realize that my mind and my body had to be in sync with one another, and how self love is my number one priority. I thought: “self love? Oh god...”. I looked in the mirror and despised my reflection. I resorted to avoiding mirrors until my body was where i wanted it to be.
As stubborn as i was, i was always open with Taylor about my anxious, negative thoughts about myself and the process.
Taylor took the time to send audio messages and texts every day telling me i was strong, powerful, beautiful, and can do anything i put my mind to. She recommended books for me to read which REALLY helped me get to the bottom of my subconscious thoughts.
I remember there was a day where everything “clicked”. I started listening to Taylor’s positive affirmations and my mindset transformed drastically. I started telling myself how proud i was of my body. I started connecting my mind to my body and appreciating my reflection!
I now carry myself differently. With Taylor’s guidance and support, i began to think, perceive and process my thoughts differently. I no longer wish i could do things- i believe in myself and make shit happen! I realized it was not about the physical change at all, it was about my mindset towards my journey!
I am so grateful for Taylor. She truly helped me discover my capabilities and find my power!! 🌻☀️"

- Kayla
"You may be asking yourself - with all the coaches out there, why would I choose Taylor? Let me help you gain some clarity in your decision making process.
Taylor helps you see your life from a birds eye view, the way spirit and the divine see you, and brings that into physical tangible form for you to experience in your every day life. She is talented and intuitive in a way that feels grounded and accessible in this day and age. She provides you with the action steps to take, the support you need and the constant gentle nudges required for you to create and live your best life NOW! The space she holds for your problems, pain and fears is safe and nurturing and her ability to effortlessly help you transmute those things into your greatest gifts is truly magical.
My cup is overflowing with gratitude and appreciation for Taylor and the work that she does! She saw me for who I am before I was able to, then she slowly lifted the veil so I could see that person too. She helped me to truly recognize myself for the first time in my life. And did so in such a kind, compassionate and subtle way, that it is hard to believe that the old version of myself and my life was even a reality.
Prior to working with Taylor I was on the path to total burnout and breakdown - my relationship was a mess, my business was suffering, my social life was non-existent, I was exhausted and unable to take care of myself, and every morning I would wake up just wanting to crawl under a rock and live there for the day because it would be easier than facing the reality of the life I had created for myself.
Taylor helped me recognize my addiction to a stress cycle. I wasn’t allowing myself to slow down, to allow joy and passion to be something that existed in my life today - right now - and not just some distant goal and dream when I had “done all the stuff” that would make me WORTHY of that life.
In just four months my life has truly transformed.
I have let go of the stress cycle, recognized my self worth and gained unshakable self confidence in such a short period of time. My relationship is incredible! My business is thriving! I am waking up so excited for what the day is bringing!  My social life is more exciting each day and I am attracting the BEST people and experiences into my life  naturally, without effort, for the first time in my life. I am in tune with my own cycles, knowing when I have the energy to do “all the things” and also recognizing when I need to give myself full permission to just sit back relax, read a book and trust that everything will still get done in perfect timing."
- Margot


"In the short few months that we have been working together, my life has dramatically improved.

I feel a sense of calm with decision making and have a new level of trust in myself and the universe that I always knew was there but had a hard time believing and trusting, until recently. The confidence I have gained through myself in working with Taylor I will forever be thankful for.

I feel as if I am growing into the woman I always knew I was and all with the support and guidance of Taylor. She is always there to answer my questions and in a time when I feel like things could fall apart, Taylor takes me through my thought process and I get back on track.

I am well on my way to finding my path and have clear intentions of what I want out of my life. This is the first time I have a sense of knowing everything is going to workout exactly how it’s supposed to. I feel my strength, power, and feel in alignment with source. I continue to make leaps in my life to stay in alignment and am finding my passion.
Thank you Taylor, you have made the biggest impact on my life and I am forever grateful that our lives have crossed paths. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey working with you in creating and living my dream life. By far, this has been the best decision I have ever made!  You are the coach and support that I was needing in my life. Your spirit and energy is contagious and I look forward to our sessions every week!"
- Brooke
"You know your stuff and if you can honestly change the way I have been thinking about my self for 10 years you can help anyone. All the knowledge I have learned while in these sessions is worth every penny and to believe in you. I have tried many different ways to change my thought pattern but this was the only successful choice. I believe you know how to help and that you do a great job. This is definitely your calling."
- Emily
"Not even 10 minutes into our first 1:1 coaching call I had my first breakthrough with Taylor & was so shocked.
I was not expecting it and could tell that investing into coaching was exactly the right thing to do for myself. We broke through so many things in me in our time together and created the most amazing genuine connection. I will be eternally grateful for our time together.
I made the decision to choose Taylor as a coach because of how we connected and her patient & genuine approach with me. Investing into coaching was the thing my intuition kept pushing me towards that I kept denying and as soon as I said yes, I was rewarded with the changes in myself. 
Since working with Taylor: I’ve broken through all of my limiting beliefs, have manifested great relationships into my life, started my own business (which I never thought was possible or would happen), and have completely become an entirely different version of myself"

- Jill

“Before beginning life coaching with Taylor, I was going through a difficult time where anxiety was controlling my life.

I was in a space where I didn’t know what to do, or how to help myself. I began listening to Taylor’s podcast, and it inspired me to pursue life coaching with her.
Each session, she gave me sound advice that helped me regain control of my mind, and rebalance my life. She knew the right questions to ask to bring out my inner struggles, some of which I was not even consciously aware of.
I achieved a strong sense of self love, which has brightened up my entire existence; multiple people have told me that I am “glowing”. 
I was able to change self deprecating beliefs into positive and uplifting ones. The workouts she gave me were amazing, and I felt like they exercised my muscle groups evenly. I feel that with Taylor’s guidance, I have attained my highest self! I have never felt so empowered. I now also have the tools that will help me in the future, if I should ever feel unbalanced again. I am deeply grateful for her coaching, and would recommend her to anyone needing a life boost :)
Thank you so much, Taylor!!”
- Anonymous

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