Breathwork is the most powerful self healing tool I have EVER experienced 

it's so much more powerful than simply
'just breathing' 
because most of the time, we are breathing to survive our lives, but breathwork helps us to align and thrive in life.  

And it's absolutely perfect for you if... 

  • You experience anxiety and don’t know how to ‘fix’ or get rid of it
  • You have a hard time meditating, even though you know it's important
  • No matter how much mindset work you do, it still feels like something isn't working 
  • You get overwhelmed by your thoughts, emotions and to-do list
  • You feel disconnected with your body and your intuition
  • You've done SO MUCH personal development already and wonder when or if you’ll get ‘there’
  • You feel stuck energetically and emotionally
  • You’re ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level
  • You’re ready to remember why you’re REALLY here and what your soul is calling you into next
  • You're ready for peace

Why Breathwork? 

Before discovering breathwork I always felt like there was more ‘work’ to do…

Being someone who's so heavily invested into her personal growth and development, I understood the importance of doing the work, but no matter how much awareness I had - there was always an underlying question of ‘when will I ever get there?’ 

I was always on the hunt to that next thing, or person that would finally be able to ‘fix me’

When in truth, I didn't need fixing - because nothing was broken.
Just forgotten. 

I had forgotten how to trust myself and my intuition, what self love actually felt like, how to slow down without worrying, how I was already whole, that I was powerful.

My mind was the busiest place, and no matter how many self help books I read, courses I worked on or awareness I received from coaching, it still felt like something was missing. 

Until breathwork.

 In the beginning of 2020, after a year deep of mindset work and self awareness - I was introduced to Meditative Breathwork.

Prior to this, I would use breath throughout my day to calm my stress and anxiety or slow myself down when feeling overwhelmed.
[This is also known as integrative Breathwork]

But this experience was much different than that.. 

I remember coming out of this session feeling the most alive I'd ever felt.
I was experiencing a deep, powerful sense of love, energy and gratitude within myself, for my purpose and for life - all through activating something that was within me.

FINALLY. It clicked
Through breathwork, I've been able access that feeling of alignment, whenever I want. 

it was a turning point for me, and from that moment I began to integrate breathwork into my daily life, and coming out of that session my immediate intuitive knowing was 'I need to learn how to do this for people".

So here we are. 

I've facilitated <150 people through profound breathwork experiences and I would be absolutely honoured to support you in your breathwork experience and healing journey!!

All of my current offerings are 





How to use Breathwork? 

The two types of breathwork that I facilitate 

Integrative Breathwork 

Is “breathwork for relaxation & regulation”
We can use integrative breathwork techniques amongst our every day activities whenever we “need a breather” to regulate our nervous system and clear any stagnant or negative energy. 

These breath patterns are short bursts designed to be a quick reset for the body and helps us find peace and relaxation in the present moment.

Try this: take a big inhale through your nose for 5 seconds and then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat 5 times and notice how you feel after. 

Meditative Breathwork

Meditative Breathwork, is perfect for you if you've ever said 'I can't meditate' but know how important it is. 

In this type of breathwork you're guided through a specific breathing pattern that helps you to unhook or bypass the mind and drop into your emotional and energetic body. 

Which allows us to go into a deep healing space where we're able to access, release and heal suppressed or stuck energy, emotion and blocks in our system. This way we can align with a sense of peace and wellbeing and come back into harmony.

This type of breathwork is guided by a trained facilitator. 

Client Experiences 

Taylor held the space for us so beautifully. We build a beautiful coherence at the beginning of the session. We exchanged our stories and felt a similarity in our journeys which made me feel more connected to her. Taylor cued and put together this session so perfectly. Her microphone made me feel even more connected and held. The quality of her voice and the music was perfectly balanced, which made it easier to relax and embrace the moment of the session. Her affirmations and downloads she received were very nourishing to my soul. Taylor offered me to play with the breath pattern which I think is a great opportunity for the breather to know, knowing that if they don't continue through one pattern, they have another option. I also loved how much space and time she allowed me to be, with myself.

Growing up I never focused on my breathing let alone meditation for that matter... Only being my second experience, it was just as profound and impactful as the first and very eye opening not only to the immediate benefits but the feelings and sensations felt after the session. The immediate clarity and bliss is indescribable and I can't help but think how amazing everyone would feel if they each got into it, but not just once, practiced it and honed this gift. Being a man conditioned through certain past beliefs and still very new to meditation and breathwork, I find the entire process from start to finish vital in achieving the full effects. 

Taylor picks is so perfect! Her voice is soothing, her cues are incredible - perfectly and intuitively timed. She lovingly holds space for you to experience what you're experiencing. She's an incredible facilitator! I released something that I have unconsciously been carrying with me for years. It felt so amazing to be able to release it. It also felt so easy to release it, like my body was ready to cut that energetic cord. I experienced some tetni during the breathwork, and afterwards felt quite lightheaded, but throughout the entire session I felt in complete control of my experience. I knew that I was safe. We included a pause breath during the session, and while I was holding my breath, I felt like I was in complete control of my mind, and like I could hold my breath for ages! It was such an incredible experience

Taylor was an absolute angel. She took the time to build a connection by learning more about me, my goals and my journey. Her voice is soothing, and she radiates this empathetic and accepting nature that shined throughout our session. Taylor, more than anything, made me feel SAFE. There weren't any moments of fear as I opened myself up to face my ego because I knew she was there. I am so grateful for her light and the support she provided me to move forward as my higher self. The experience was everything I hoped for and more. I have always known that breathing was a great way to curb my anxiety and help ease my emotions when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I had no idea it could be so incredibly POWERFUL. Taylor helped guide me to release energy while reflecting on my intention for the session. With Taylor's help, I was able to have a breakthrough. When I sat up after the breathwork was complete, I felt peaceful. Not just with myself, but with the internal conversation that I had and choosing what better aligns with my goals.

How to work with me + current breathwork offerings: 

6 week 
Private Breathwork Journey

Limited spots available

✓ Weekly 60 minute sessions

✓ Customized and intuitively guided breathwork and meditation session

✓ Journalling prompts and exercises

✓ Post-Session integrative exercises

✓ Private support and coaching based on your needs

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6 week Group Breathwork Journey 

Details below 

✓ Weekly 90 minute sessions

✓ Intention and intuitively guided breathwork and meditation session

✓ Journalling prompts and exercises

✓ Post-Session integrative exercises

✓ Themed workshop coaching and group support


1 hour Private Session

Unsure about which offer to try? Purchase a 1 hour session 

✓ Customized coaching support pre-breathwork to facilitate the most powerful session 

✓ Inintuitively guided breathwork and meditation session based on your needs 

✓ Journalling prompts and integrative breathwork exercises for post call 

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Brooke's Breathwork Experience 

Enrol into a breathwork journey

Reclaimed is a 6 week breathwork journey designed to help you reclaim and activate your capacity of consciously creating your life through the power of your breath, energy, intention and empowered choice! 

To help you remember - that you are your own best leader and greatest healer. 


Here's a breakdown of the 6 weeks:

Week 1: Connection

Week 1 of reclaimed I will invite you on an inward journey of reconnecting to your body, your inner wisdom and developing a trusting relationship with your intuition while learning to clear the noise of your mind so you can finally feel safe in your body - regardless of external circumstances.

Week 2: Clearing

In week 2 you will be clearing your system from any past energy, emotions, beliefs or blocks that are trapped in your system, but that you can’t consciously get to by doing the mindset work. This way you can energetically open yourself up to receive and create

Week 3: Acceptance

Week 3 of reclaimed is about you accepting, fully loving and accepting all parts of who you are so you can finally have access to what self love really is and feels like. Not just the conceptual understanding, but the body based feeling of LOVE and knowing you are enough

Week 4: Allowance

Week 4 of reclaimed is diving into the power of allowance and receiving, so that you can let go of the need to control, force and fix life and lean into a state of trust with yourself, the guidance available to you and what is unfolding.  

Week 5: Alignment

Week 5 is aligning with the truth of who you are. The part of you that knows who you are, who you’re here to be and what you’re meant to create in this life. With practices and tools for you to reconnect to that part of you anytime life throws you out of alignment, you’ll know how to come back home.

Week 6: Ascension

Week 6 you will be connecting to your Higher Self, doing deeper energy work and activating and the vision that you have for your life so that you can energetically upgrade and align to the actions you need to reclaim your power and create what you desire! 

Experience a breathwork session with Taylor 

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I recorded this FREE Breathwork session for receiving just for you my love, it's perfect for you if:

  • You have a resistance to receiving (love, money, support, ideas, compliments - anything) 
  • You feel blocks that haven't been able to breakthrough 
  • You want to be able to attract + receive more but don't know what is getting in the way 
  • You subconsciously block your blessings 

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I agree that my participation in breathwork is entirely voluntary and that I assume any risk associated with participation. Any actions or lack of actions, taken by me, the client, of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility, and any harm, injury or loss that may occur to me or my property as a result of my participation in Breathwork, is neither the responsibility nor liability of Taylor'd Life Coaching or Taylor Tosczak. 
 I understand that breathwork is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment, and I will not use it in place of any form of therapy. I recognize that breathwork requires emotional, physical, and mental effort, exertion, and behavioral experimentation, on my part, which may cause physical, mental or emotional injury. I fully acknowledge and take full responsibility for all the risks involved. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with my health care provider prior to participating in Breathwork.  
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