Taylor Tosczak

Womens Transformation Coach 
Breathwork Facilitator
Embodiment Based Business Mentor



Ways to work with me!

I'm Taylor

I am a woman’s transformation coach, breathwork facilitator & embodiment based business mentor. I help women activate the essence of who they are so they can create a life + business that is more than just money but the life that YOU are absolutely obsessed with.

Gemini ☀️ Taurus 🌑 Libra 🏹
Ennegram 4, INFJ, 5/1 Manifesting Generator


I’ve created the life, business and relationships I have based on my top three values:
Freedom, Authenticity and Alignment. 


My innate ‘wound and gift’ in this life is authenticity. 
I have a core wound in believing that who I am is inherently wrong.

So my life's work has been in acceptance of self.
In ALL aspects.

I started by trying to change who I was to be accepted.
Then by changing how I look, think to feel good enough.

And finally came into acceptance that who I BE is enough and my worth is beyond what I look like, think or what I do.

Now its a gift I share with my clients, in helping them build a life built on authenticity and alignment! 


Ways to work with me:

Current Program Library 

Taylor runs a variety of different programs, including masterclasses, masterminds, activations, and educational programs - to learn more about upcoming + previous programs 

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One on One coaching 

An intimate 6 month container for self-transformation.
In business, relationships + life. 
For new & aspiring life coaches to gain clarity on your services & soul's strategy.
Reclamation of your power by healing your subconscious emotional & mental blocks so you can create a life of freedom, authenticity & alignment!

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Free Breathwork and Group Coaching Session

Each session will have an intuitive theme based on the energy of the group and the month. Think of this as a time for you to sit, be filled up and activated as you're guided through an educational session, Q&A and integrative breathwork exercise to embody the topic.

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The Taylor'd Life Podcast 

On the Taylor'd Life Podcast we talk about how to consciously create your life through empowered choice and overcome circumstance to live your life by design and not default. 

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